Silex Gas

Introduction to Silex Gas Norway

Silex Gas Norway is a Norwegian company, established to manage it`s share and secure safe, reliable and cost efficient operation in Gassled as well as the related interests in the Dunkerque Terminal DA and Zeepipe Terminal Joint Venture.

Gassled is a joint venture between Oil & Gas companies on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. It was established in 2003, when virtually all of Norway’s gas transport systems were integrated into one venture. This partnership serves as the formal owner of the Norwergian Gas Transport Infrastructure. Gassled has no employees and is organised through various committees with specific assignments.

Silex is fully owned by the Allianz Group.

Silex is a financially strong company with financial capacity and access to capital to allow it to meet both the short term and the long term financial requirements of a Gassled participant including those in relation to investments related to the future developments of Gassled.